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Welcome to Mousekitty's Music Review!

An eclectic music show.

Let me start this by saying I LOVE MUSIC.

Music has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was raised singing along to my mother's piano when I was little, to enjoying classic country music when I was young, moving on to take up playing the flute (as well as playing-at and learning other instruments), and finally listening to almost every radio station Oklahoma City has to offer. I love to sing and I love to listen to good music.

My musical tastes are very eclectic. I can enjoy everything from country to rap, classical to heavy metal, pop to blues, and everything in between. That said, lately I've tended to rock of some sort.

Music these days seems to defy classification, even though people still want it. We want music to fit neatly into the nice labels we've created for it. We also tend to only rely upon the radio to expose us to new music and new bands. This is an unfortunate side effect of our "rat-race" society.

Luckily for me, I took up a challenge a few months ago that forced me to break with tradition and seek out new music and new bands wherever I could find them. That challenge, of course, was (and is) the YDK Music Search.

I have been able to find some excellent music for specific sections of the Life And Deaths Of Cooter Brown. So far, we've featured three different bands that might otherwise never been heard of by many.

In the process of finding music for LDCB, I listen to probably hundreds of different bands and songs. Most of it we can't use in LDCB (or at least we can't use it yet) because it doesn't fit what we want at the moment. So, I write it down and keep track of it for later use.

I've got probably files and files of pages and pages of music I found in my quests that is simple awesome. I save the lists for later, so I can have something to refer to when we're looking for something new. But recently, I decided to put those lists to even better use.

Thus, I introduce to you Mousekitty's Music Review. This will represent my effort to share more great, unknown or little known music with the wider world. Through this, I will recommend songs I've found that I think need to be heard by everyone.

Here's how it will go. Each podcast will feature 5-10 songs and bands. Sometimes I might go with a central theme, or a specific style of music, but usually, it will simply be a hodgepodge of music styles, themes, and bands. You might hear something you've heard before, or you might hear something you've never even considered listening to that you like. Sometimes I'll give some commentary on a song or a band, and sometimes I won't.

I make no promises to cater to specific music tastes. I make no promises that you'll like every episode. I make no promises of regular updates (following good YDK tradition, obviously). I make no promises at all except for two: I promise to try to expose others to things they probably have never heard otherwise; I also promise to encourage my listeners to seek out the bands I feature, listen to their other songs, purchase their music, and support these great bands.

I hope you enjoy my newest project. Click the headphones at the top of this page for the newest podcast and check back frequently for the next episodes!


Podcast Episode 1: It Begins

Band: Those Poor Bastards
Song: With Hell So Near
Website: MySpace - Those Poor Bastards
Style/Genre: Gothic/Country/Other

Band: Hollywood Undead
Song: Scene for Dummies
Website: PureVolume: Hollywood Undead
Style/Genre: Hip Hop/Metalcore/Hardcore

Band: Idyllistic
Song: Killing Machine
Website: PureVolume: Idyllistic
Style/Genre: Reggae/Blues/Acoustic

Band: Kings of Nuthin'
Song: Judge Nor Jury
Website: Kings of Nuthin'
Style/Genre: Punk/Rockabilly

Band: Have Fun Dying
Song: Let's Start A Cult
Style/Genre: Indie/Alternative/Rock

Band: Seminole County
Song: Simple Dark
Style/Genre: Rock/Pop/Alternative

Band: Abe tha Babe
Song: God Bless the USA
Website: MySpace: Abe tha Babe
Style/Genre: Country/Rockabilly/Crunk

Band: Theodress Avery
Song: Lazy Days
Website: MySpace: Theodress Avery
Style/Genre: Rock/Pop/Blues

Band: Lee Haynes
Song: City of Angles
Website: Lee Haynes
Style/Genre: Electronica/Ambient/Techno

More podcasts and bands to come!

If you would like your music or your band featured on this program, please email me at x(dot)l(dot)i(dot) In your email, include at least a sample of your music, your band's name, where you are from, and your website, if you have one. I can't guarantee that your submission will be used on the show, but I will listen to everything sent to me.

And don't forget that the YDK Music Search is ongoing, and if you'd like your music to be considered for the show, you can submit it just like you'd submit it for the podcast

Feel free to check out MY MySpace Pages: Mousekitty & xlii.

I also have a PureVolume Listener's page: xlii.

All of the music featured on this podcast is the property of the bands, musicians, artists, and individuals who created it. It is used in this podcast merely to promote the bands, and no infringement of copyright is intended. If your band was featured and you would like it to be removed, please email me at x(dot)l(dot)i(dot)

This podcast is offered for free, and no profit is made by myself, Traz Productions, or YDK for it's creation or airing.

Thanks for listening.


Podcast Poll
What is your favorite song from Podcast Episode 1: It Begins?
Those Poor Bastards - With Hell So Near
Hollywood Undead - Scene for Dummies
Idyllistic - Killing Machine
Kings of Nuthin' - Judge or Jury
Have Fun Dying - Let's Start A Cult
Seminole County - Simple Dark
Abe tha Babe - God Bless the USA
Theodress Avery - Lazy Day
Lee Haynes - City of Angles

The Life and Deaths of Cooter Brown, Adventures of Ak, and Legends of Az are Ben Hartsburg and 2007; all images, audio, text, etc. from those copyrighted materials may not be used without permission (except as otherwise noted).