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Mousekitty's Corner!

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OH! You mean I'M supposed to actually write something to go here?! Wow.. what a pain...

I'll just skip the obvious and assume, at this point in time, that if you are here, you know me. Sorry about that... but thanks for your pity-visit to my little corner of the web. (^.^)b

If you don't know me personally, well, thanks for coming to find out more about me. The trouble is, I'm not a real public person, so good luck actually FINDING anything out about me here. hehe...

Ok.. now to the point. From time to time in my life, I get this creative streak that I feel I must manifest. Although the results are rarely if ever decent enough to dig back out of the trashcan they end up in after I loose patience with them, the few that are might just end up here.

At this point in time, I've got one of the three stories/novels/writing projects that I'm currently-but-not-really working on. (For those of you who think they will drop dead unless they know the other projects names, they happen to be Alt Ctrl and The Bee Keeper. Some of Alt Ctrl can be found below on my page. The Bee Keeper has absolutely no extistance outside my head, though.)

Oh yeah.. I also have a podcast that I made a while back. I plan to do another someday...whenever that is. I do love music, though. And the music I really love is all too often music NO ONE I know has EVER heard of before. I pride myself in such obscurity.

Now for the rest of it. I met The Director when we were both in high school (and I'm not saying how long ago that was unless he does). After we reconnected many years later, he discovered the following: I'm married, no kids, but three cats. I'm a twenty-something quickly approaching thirty-something-ness...but not TOO quickly. I've got two college degrees, an associates and a bachelors, for all the good they do me. Instead of actually working in the field I was educated in, I'm working in the non-profit sector, because I got tired of trying to make someone else richer. I plan to spend the next year or two of my life working as an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America), and I've been loving it so far.

Okies... this is getting too long, so with out further delay, here's what this is all about.

...My Domain...

Struck By You
MK's Podcasts

...Other Places I Frequent...

MK's MySpace
MK's Writing.Com Page
Americorps Vista

Oh, and lest I forget, people can always donate their

IMMORTAL SOULS to me by emailing me here.

hehehehe..... suckers....

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