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Sock Puppet Theatre

Ralph and Ronadellio are our hosts for Sock Puppet Theatre, bringing us everything from little news tidbits to occasional performances or re-enactments of LDCB... all performed by socks. Aided by a host of bad jokes about socks, as well as other things, you never know exactly what you're going to get from SPT... other than laughs, that is.

Comic Museum

The comic museum features a variety of old comics made by BJ before his ydk days. There was a time a few years ago when he made comics for a church singles newsletter, and many of these comics come from that. Including the cult-classic: Adventures of Josh, which is in many ways the predecessor of Adventures of Ak.

Mousekitty's Music Review

Since starting her search for music to accompany episodes of LDCB, Mousekitty (x.l.i.i. in LDCB) has come across a wide variety of musical artists and bands, which may be "undiscovered" yet very, very good, but don't [yet] necessarily fit into the LDCB series. Out of these was born Mousekitty's Music Review podcast, in which MK gives you the low-down on many great musical talents you might want to keep an ear out for. Click the title to see and hear what MK and these great bands have for you...

N.A.Q.'s and F.A.Q.'s

Since we don't technically get "frequently asked questions," we decided to instead make a section for "never asked questions." Thus, was born the silly, weird, but hilarious ydk N.A.Q. Later came the N.A.Q. Version 2.0 and our first ever F.A.Q. (which is a somewhat more serious attempt to answer some questions). More incarnations may occur in the years to come but for now, click on any of the following to read more...

N.A.Q. (Original) N.A.Q. Version 2.0 F.A.Q.

Wallpaper and Avatars

Although we've yet to add any, ydk-themed wallpaper and avatars are soon to come! Want to adorn your computer with the face of Cooter Brown? You can! Want to use Ak's picture as your own on your favorite message board (which I hope is ydk's own forum!)? You can! Get your ydk wallpaper and avatras here... soon!


Sock Puppet Theatre
The Comic Museum
Wallpaper and Avatars