You Don't Know presents: Legends of Az
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Note: This is a work-in-progress. As more chapters come, introducing more words, more words will be added. In addition, some words may be changed at the author's discretion. This glossary should be a guide, however, to help understand the foreign words of the chapters in their current state. Other descriptions, more detailed definations, and pronunciations will appear in the glossary in the future.


Inklet = approximately an inch; slightly less comparitively
Cartra = a little more than a yard
Quartra = a quarter cartra
Macktra = equivalent to miles
Ticuit = second
Mitract = minute
Nuor = hour
Halo = day
Chaft = month
Rev = Year


Drael = Azian underworld; Hell
Drav = similar to damn in usage
Kefkil = a type of weed that grows out of dung
Eonik = an insulting slur for a weakling
Graff = equivalent to "fuck"
Prod - short for Prodigy
Reg = slang-term for non-Prodigies
Kin = Telekinetic
Green = Telepathic
Ghost = Prodigy with the fugue ability


Ak = "son of" - similar to "junior," it is added to the end of a name when a boy is named after his father; e.g. Maddock Traz-ak literally translates as "Son of Maddock Traz." In Alban society, it is considered a great honor for a son to receive his father's name.
Sei = sir, a term of respect
Tir = a title for one who has not taken the monk's oaths in the Wirksind Abbey
Tigh-Albans = The primary race on Albatraz, a cross-breed of Albans and Zan
Keurs = One of the Clans of Alba; they occupy most of the Yulkeur Forest, and are a savage race, further divided into clans of their own, often at war with each other and unforgiving of those who invade their territory
Novate = student
Birna = An ancient Azian greeting that is still used today in some parts of Albatraz
Classia = an alcoholic drink