You Don't Know presents: Legends of Az
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Welcome to Legends of Az. Legends of Az is a serial novel on telling the story of Dock Traz, a young man in another world called Albatraz, who is gifted with incredible powers. But his abilities are not all that make Dock stand out. He is also the son of a great hero to his world, the famous leader: Maddock Traz. While raiding a tomb with his companion, Raven, Dock touches a strange orb, and immediately, his entire life takes a drastic plunge into a destiny he never could have imagined.

Note: This version of Legends of Az is still something of a rough draft. You may find errors, ranging from minor to somewhat significant. Fret not: they will be addressed. For now: I hope you enjoy the story.

Most Recent Chapter...

Chapter Four

Tears streamed out of Dock’s eyes, gliding back across the side of his face toward his ears before disappearing into his hair or else flying off into oblivion as he ran for his life.

With single-minded determination, Dock forced his legs to keep moving despite the pain. His bare feet relentlessly beat into the ground, aching so badly he thought they would eventually just crumble into dust. The blood had no time to ooze, but instead was just splattered out in gobs under his soles as he pounded across the forest floor, littered with leaves, twigs, brush, and roots sticking out of the ground. Sharp branches slashed at his arms and face as he tore through them, biting at him with no regard to whether they took thread from his clothes or flesh from his body.

Still he ran. He didn’t dare to slow, not even to catch his breath, not for one ticuit. He knew, if he did, the beast would catch him.


Dock’s eyes flew open. He hadn’t even realized they had been closed. He had been running through the forest. How had that even happened? What was going on? Where was he?!

“Dock, what are you doing?!”

Dock looked up at Raven. She was staring at him from across the room, her arms outspread questioningly. She held something in one of her hands. Dock was vaguely curious what it was, but something else was drawing his attention. His eyes slowly wandered back downward until they fell on his own hand. He was holding it out in front of him. He was holding it directly in the center of a large, golden flame.

Dock opened his eyes again. He was back in the forest. It was daylight now. The light streamed down in a slant from various openings in the tree-cover high above. Although it was still very shady in the forest, the light hurt Dock’s eyes, and he squinted his eyes against it.

Dock groaned, and tried to move, but his body screamed in protest. Something was wrong. He was lying on the ground. He tried to look down at his body, but his vision was fuzzy, unfocused, and he couldn’t quite move his head. The back of his neck in particular was throbbing painfully.

Suddenly, something moved above him, blocking out the light. He slowly raised his eyes, though even that seemed to require a daunting amount of effort. A man was standing over him. With the light streaming down on his back, the man’s face was in shadows, and Dock couldn’t make out any of his features.

“Can you hear me?” the shadow man spoke. As he knelt down, Dock could see color spread into his face, the shadow dissipating, but his abysmal, unfocused sight still relegated the man to little more than an amorphous blob to Dock’s vision. “What is your name?”

“S-Silver,” Dock heard an unfamiliar voice seep drearily out of his own lungs in reply. Dock obviously hadn’t intended to say that. He couldn’t figure out why he had.

“To match your eyes,” said the man, and Dock thought he saw white teeth appear as the man smiled at him. “Hello, Silver. My name is Page.”