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The Life and Deaths of Cooter Brown

The Music of LDCB

After long thought and deliberation as to what we at YDK and Traz Productions could do to increase the enjoyability of LDCB, we decided to launch the Official YDK - LDCB New Music Search! This page is now it's official home. Here, we will provide you with links to all the great bands you will hear featured on past, present, and future episodes of The Life and Deaths of Cooter Brown.

To kick things off, we debuted the efforts of our first musical agreement in the trailer for Episode 9. The music featured in the trailer will also be featured in the full episode. Much thanks to the people at Twenty Twelve Records for making this dream a reality, and give us further confidence to seek future agreements with other bands for future webisodes.

Not only is this page the offical home of the New Music Search, it is also where you can find details on all the bands featured on the webisodes. Check this site after each episode to hear more great music from the band(s) you have just heard. If you enjoy their sounds, we highly encourage you to purchase their music!

Band: Jonathan Blake
Alter Egos: None.
Affiliations: Rob Mullins Publishing
Webisode Featured: Episode 10
PureVolume: Jonathan Blake;
MySpace: Jonathan Blake;
Purchase The Music: CDBaby; iTunes.
Other: from

With a voice as strong as any legendary blues singer and guitar skills to match, Jonathan Blake delights fans with a strong blend of roots and new ideas. His first album "Wake Up Call," recorded by L.A. Producer Rob Mullins, takes listeners on an acoustic journey through the mind of a storyteller wise beyond his 21 years, combining flavors of the south and the breezy winds of California surf culture.

On "Wake Up Call": "To say that 'Wake Up Call' is the next 'must-have' CD would be way too cliché. But if you don't check out this album, you are cheating yourself out of the opportunity to witness where this brilliant young artist begins his career, and where he ultimately takes it. Jon's debut album is anything but mainstream, but to truly understand what I'm saying, you just gotta hear it for yourself." - Mik Homer, Executive Writer/Producer for KBRT Radio, AM 740

Band: Divisible By None
Alter Egos: Matt (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar); Drew Allen (Lead Guitar/Vocals); Z Bubble Gogger (Bass/Vocals); Richard D (Drums/Percussion).
Affiliations: None.
Webisode Featured: Episode 10
MySpace: Divisible By None.
Purchase The Music: Music not yet avaliable for purchase.
Other: from MySpace: Divisible By None

Influences: Show Tunes, Garbage Disposals, Chanting, Talk Radio, Social Experiments, Otto, One Another.

Currently recording new music!

Band: 2012
Alter Egos: Lewis Hurrell
Affiliations: Twenty Twelve Records
Webisode Featured: Episode 9 (and Episode 9 Trailer/Recap)
PureVolume: 2012;
MySpace: 2012;
Twenty Twelve Records (Flash Required).
Purchase The Music: CDBaby; iTunes.
Other: From the Twenty Twelve Record website:

2012 (established in 2005) is the result of 19 years of musical experience on many different levels. Ever since he was born, Lewis Hurrell has always been very sensitive to sound. At the age of eight, he was given a small keyboard - it was only about a foot long with around 20 keys built into it. After figuring out what notes sounded good together, he started piecing together songs. About a year later, he was lucky enough for his family to buy a regular sized piano which expanded the world of music for Lewis.

He hadn't ever performed before and when he was given the oppertunity to play for a benifit in New York City, he jumped at the opportunity. Playing in front of all those people and seeing the looks on their faces was a very powerful thing for a 12 year old piano player to see and feel. Lewis then after continued to make more and more music, learning from his mistakes and growing from them. He never took any lessons. It wasn't until the end of his senior year in High School that Lewis started to take off on his musical career.

Until that point, he had been involved in a serious relationship for over a year with a person he truly could say "I love you" to. When she went away to college, they had to say goodbye. It was at this very moment that Lewis knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life; some of 2012's greatest songs were made in this period of time when the two parted ways. For Lewis, she would be the person who would set him free to create music that has grown to inspire many; he couldln't be happier for this blessing in disguise.

More bands to come!