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Welcome, ydk-ers, to our first official contest! Okay, so technically we tried to have a contest for March Mildness earlier in the year, but it didn't really work out that well, and I'm hoping this one will go better, so...

First, an overview of our new contest feature in general: From here on out, YDK will be hosting seasonal contests, each with different objectives and different prizes. These contests will typically focus on the types of things we here at ydk focus on in general already (i.e. comics, videos/movies, stories, games, or music) though just as we at ydk may branch out at any time, so may our contests. The contests will usually be open for a period of two to three months, though this may vary, and on occasion (though rarely), there may even be more than one contest taking place at a single time. Anyone can enter, except for myself of course, unless specifically expressed otherwise in the rules of the individual contest. So, with all that laid out, it's time to get into the specifics of our first contest....

Here's the scoop: Recently, I've received a number of suggestions for comics, and it's occured to me that when you really think about it, everyone's got an idea for a good comic. And I thought: how 'bout taking it one step further? To win this contest, you DO NOT have to make a comic. But you do have to write one. Devise a single comicstrip (that should be able to fit on a regular 8.5' x 11' sheet of paper). You'll need to tell how many panels the comic should have, who and what should be shown in the those panels, and what the characters say. Here's an example based on the first Adventures of Ak strip on the site...

Title: Final Fantasy XII!

Characters: BJ, Ak, and Charlie

Number of panels: 4

FIRST PANEL (top of the page, left-hand side): BJ sits on the floor, staring straight ahead, with a video game controller in hand, a bit of drool running out of his mouth.

SECOND PANEL (below the first panel, right-hand side, slightly overlapping first panel): BJ sits in exactly the same position as before, but now Ak stands beside him.

AK: What's going on?! Are we gonna do this thing or what?!

BJ: Final Fantasy XII!

AK: What? Huh?

BJ: Final Fantasy XII!


I'm going to cut off the example there because I think you should get the idea from that how it should work. You can choose exactly how detailed you want to be with your descriptions, but too little and I might not be able to tell exactly what you intended, and too much, and... well... it might just be too much. But really, it's a pretty simple thing, right?

The comic can center on existing AoA, LDCB, or other YDK characters, or you can create your own, HOWEVER, if you use your own original characters, descriptions of those characters MUST be included in the comic script. Any original characters created by you remain the sole property of you, the creater, BUT the inclusion of your own characters gives YDK the right to use those characters in a comic drawn and constructed based on your script, and to present said comic on our site(s). They will not, however, be reproduced outside of the comic based on your script.

The Rules: This contest is open to anyone within the United States (for shipping purposes; those outside the US interested in participating may still do so if they please, but they will not be eligible to win a prize for their submission). Contestants under the age of 18 must get permission from their parents or guardians before entering.

All entries must be sent by email to with "COMIC SCRIPT CONTEST" in the subject line. In the event of winning the contest, you will receive an email to which you will need to respond with an additional email providing a mailing address to which your prize can be sent. Neither your email nor your address will be used for anything other than the purposes outlined here, nor will they be given to any other third parties under any circumstances.

All entries must comply with the rules and description of the contest as it has been stated. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the contest, and possible exclusion from future contests.

The contest begins on Monday, September 10th, and will run through October 20th. All entries MUST be received within that timeframe, absolutely NO LATER than 11:59 PM on the night of the 20th. Any and all entries received after this time will not be eligible to win.

THE GRAND PRIZE: The grand prize winner will receive a T-shirt (or other available merchandise) of their choice (not in excess of $25) AND a YDK keychain from the YDK store. A new comic will also be created based on the script the winner has written, and he/she will receive a signed hard copy of that comic in the mail along with their T-shirt.

1ST RUNNER-UP: The first runner-up will receive a YDK Trucker Hat (of which they can choose their preferred color and front image based on the options present at the time of the contest) and a YDK keychain from the YDK store. His/Her script may also be made into a comic on the site, and/or the script will be presented on the site in written form.

RUNNERS-UP: 2-3 additional runners-up may be chosen. They will receive YDK keychains from the YDK store. Their scripts will also be presented on the site in written form, and MAY have comics created based on their scripts at some time.

Thus concludes the presentation of our (more or less) first YDK Contest! We'll be open to receive entries starting on September 10th, and then you have until October 20th to get those scripts in for submission. Just be funny, and take luck! I look forward to reading your entries!

"The Director" has spoken!!


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