You Don't Know presents: Adventures of Ak
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Ak Fiver: Ak
Age: Claims to be 14
Home: Yulkeur Forest, Albatraz
Abilities: Although he has claimed to have special abilities, few have been seen up to this point. Once, while nobody was looking, he blasted a fly with what appeared to be lasor beams from his goggles. Later, he mentioned something about the goggles having come from the Alban Guard (see Legends of Az), after which they he used them once more to combat a horde of killer squirrels, though exactly how he fought them off remains in mystery. It has also been suggested that he may have a heightened degree of senses, though that goes unconfirmed.
Other: Ak has been on the planet Earth for at least a year, as he has told Charlie that he spent as much time learning the culture by studying popular television. He says that he is from a distant planet called Albatraz, and although Ak has said nothing else of his home planet, the planet appears to also be the setting of Adeventures of Ak-creator’s, BJ Hartsburg, long-time literary endeavor: Legends of Az. However long Ak has been on Earth, though, he has only recently decided to start attending high school. Posing as a new Freshman, just having transferred into the school, his motives for going to school remain unclear. Immediately upon first interacting with other students, he quickly made both friends and enemies among his peers. Already in the process of establishing friendships with a boyish-looking girl and an extraordinarily tall sophomore who claims to be a superhero, he has also ensured an intense enmity between himself and a girl named Sindy, who he maintains “dresses like a hooker.” There is also another version of Ak seen in the comics. He is also the oft-time companion of the comic-creator, BJ, as he contemplates what to do with his webcomic. The two bicker with one another nonstop as Ak attempts interchangeably to annoy and encourage BJ to work on his comic instead of doing other things.

Charlie Bub Charlie
Age: 15
Home: The aptly named suburb of Megalopolis called Suburbia
Abilities: The uncanny ability to make everyone around her think that she is a man due to her boyish looks, as well as the ability to remain perfectly calm and somewhat disdainful of people and her surroundings no matter what is going on.
Other: Charlie has lived in Suburbia all her life, and all her life, people have been mistaking her for a boy. Even in diapers, between her name and her parents constantly dressing her in blue or in cute little T-shirt, jeans, and ball-cap outfits, people without fail simply thought she was a boy. Now, as a teenager, Charlie still maintains an appearance that downplays her feminity, and as such is an outcast among the other kids in school. Knowing the role of outsider well, Charlie formed an instant bond with Ak as he too was shunned by the popular crowd. Charlie spends most of her time sarcastically mocking people and things around her. More recently, Charlie has come under suspicion after the allegedly-psychic Alex informed Jeremy that his parents were killed by a girl who everyone else believes is a boy...

Jeremy Knight Jeremy
Age: 16
Home: Nowhere, Kansas
Abilities: Jeremy insists that he is a superhero with superpowers, though not even he seems to know exactly what his powers are, oddly enough.
Other: Jeremy spent his youth in the middle of Nowhere, the smallest of small towns, living on a farm. When his parents were suddenly killed in a freak accident at the county fair, though, Jeremy spent the next several years being passed around among relatives before finally coming to live with his uncle Josh in Megalopolis. Despite a number of unfortunate turn of events in his life, Jeremy maintains a cheerful, happy-go-lucky personality, and enjoys popularity largely because of his involvement in Suburbia High’s football team. Jeremy dreams of some day using his unknown powers for the betterment of mankind as a superhero.

Josh-Man Josh-Man
Age: 30
Home: Oklahoma
Abilities: The uncanny ability to sense when one of the mutated beasts that attacked him is near. Other than that, he can do nothing special at all.
Other: Once an intern at a church in Oklahoma, Josh led a few of his friends there into becoming superheroes. A few of their subsequent adventures are detailed in The Adventures of Josh. But after some time fighting crime with his sidekicks, something happened causing Josh-Man and his sidekicks to disappear. Years later, Josh-Man turned up in Megalopolis, now working solo. What happened with his sidekicks, why they all disappeared, and what made him return to a life of crime-fighting all remain shrouded in mystery.

Josh Josh
Age: 30
Home: Oklahoma
Abilities: He claims no special abilities...
Other: Although Josh once lived in Oklahoma, some years back, he decided to leave and move to Megalopolis, where he took in young Jeremy Knight. Although Jeremy calls him his "uncle," if the two are in fact related (and they do share at least some physical similarities), the biological relation is distant and unclear. Jeremy seems as ignorant of this fact, though, as he is of Josh's uncanny resemblance of Jeremy's hero and idol: Josh-Man. The how and why of Josh's decision to take in his "nephew" go unexplained for the time being.

Sindy Night Sindy
Age: 15
Home: Megalopolis
Abilities: The ability to feel absolutely no shame when she dresses like a hooker.
Other: Sindy has been dating Jeremy for about a year, but everyone (except Jeremy) knows she’s slept with practically the whole football team while dating him. If Ak knew just how very promiscuous Sindy actually was, he never would have called her a hooker, because of course, you don’t have to pay to get Sindy into bed… or the back of your car… or a bathroom stall in the middle of a school day… you get the idea… Her sister, Mindy, suspects she is only dating Jeremy because when they eventually get married, Sindy's last name will at least still be the same phoenetically.

Duncan Who Duncan
Age: 14
Home: Suburbia
Abilities: None
Other: Duncan is on the football team with Jeremy. And has recently discovered that he has a fondness for Charlie, leading him to believe that he must be gay, as he is insistent upon the fact that Charlie is male. Furthermore, Duncan is the brother of suspicious gym coach, Ted Swan.

Alex Rose Alex
Age: 15
Home: Suburbia
Abilities: Alex has "the shining." He sometimes has visions or unique insights into various people or situations.
Other: Alex is another student at Suburbia High. On Ak's first day of school, Alex attempts to murder a tiny lifeless stuffed smiley-face called Mr. Dot, claiming that it is evil. Later in the same day, Alex reveals to Jeremy a vision of Jeremy's parents being murdered by a girl who everyone else believes is a boy, unwittingly driving a wedge between Ak, Jeremy, and Charlie.

Ted Swan Ted
Age: 29
Home: Suburbia
Abilities: None
Other: A newly-hired gym teacher at Suburbia High, Mr. Swan quickly puts himself into a questionable situation when he offers Ak a ride to school. Charlie immediately mistrusts him and leads Jeremy to attempt to save Ak when she believes that Ak is risking being molested by the strange man. Although Ak does not get molested and Mr. Swan's assurances that he is the new gym teacher prove to be true, Mr. Swan's intentions are still cast in doubt. Coach Ted's motives become even more suspicious when Jeremy is attacked by the same bunny that killed his parents while in the gym, even as Charlie nearby concludes that Coach Ted may in fact be the very same killer of Jeremy's parents.

Mindy Night Mindy
Age: 15
Home: Megalopolis
Abilities: The ability to put up with her sister without going crazy.
Other: Mindy and Sindy are allegedly twins, even though they look absolutely nothing alike. They could not appear to be more different. They even dress wildly differently. And yet: in personality, they are like two peas in a pod. It’s very strange. While Sindy spends all her free time having sex with anything that movies, however, Mindy spends hers studying. Her "nicknames" at school include "Teacher's Pet" and "Brown-Noser."

Mrs. Pepper Mrs. Pepper
Age: 57
Home: Suburbia
Abilities: None
Other: An English teacher at Suburbia High, Mrs. Pepper is a bit of an odd duck. Although little is known about her at this time, she is in fact married to a doctor, though she is also having an affair with a fellow teacher at the school, a math teacher named Mr. Pibb.

Age: 26
Home: Depends on what mood he’s in. He may say he’s from Minot, North Dakota, or he may say he’s from M-Dub, Oklahoma, or he may say he’s from Albatraz, like Ak.
Abilities: He can (badly) make comics, movies, and stories. Has some basic knowledge of how to run his webpage.
Other: He thinks he’s funny… He’s wrong. He spent a lot of the latter portion of 2006 playing Final Fantasy XII, but really, that’s just the latest in a long line of things that consume his time, energy, and mind. After FFXII, he moved on to obsessively play his X-Box 360 and then the Wii. He occasionally puts himself in his own comics just because.