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YDK (short for is a website first created to showcase several of the creative endeavors of a man named BJ Hartsburg. BJ always liked to entertain by telling stories, and he always liked to try various different forms of entertainment, so here at ydk, we have a variety of entertainment mediums from comics to videos to the written word. In addition to the various stories BJ is here to tell, there are a number of other things ydk has to offer as well, such as Mousekitty's Corner (which showcases the creative endeavors of one of BJ's dearest friends: Katrina Lynam-Henderson), a forum where we have fun discussing (often in an amusing manner) all sorts of things from the website to other forms of entertainment and beyond, links to other sites we enjoy, and more! But getting back to our main products, here's a rundown of the various CHANNELS you'll find here at ydk...

Adventures of Ak

Adventures of Ak (AoA for short) tells the story of a young alien named Ak as he poses as a human boy in order to go to high school. Although his reasons for coming to Earth, how he got here, or what his intentions are all remain shrouded in mystery, Ak is surprisingly open about being an alien. Even though he avoids talking about himself and appears to regularly give out misinformation about himself or his deeds, Ak's motivations - whatever they may be - don't appear to be malicious. In fact, he even spends his nights as a superhero sidekick, fighting evil alongside his less-than-bright friend, Jeremy, who although he insists that he is a superhero, is unsure of what his powers actually are, or why he thinks he has them. Other than Jeremy, Ak has also befriended a sardonic young girl named Charlie, who despite her constant assurances to the contrary, everyone insists on believing is a male, due to her boyish looks, her name, and the way she dresses. With a supporting cast including an extremely slutty girl, a block-headed football player, a suspiciously friendly gym teacher, and the comic's creator himself, BJ, who spends most of his time mindlessly playing video games instead of working on the comics, Adventures of Ak has endless potential to take its wacky hijinks in any direction imaginable at any time. Read more about the individual characters by clicking here, OR read the ever-expanding library of comics themselves in the AoA archives!

The Life and Deaths of Cooter Brown

Then there's what Bill Bryan of State Farm Insurance raves as "the wildly popular webseries" for a site that respectable YDK-enthusiast Katrina Lynam-Henderson calls "a website started recently in Midwest City," The Life and Deaths of Cooter Brown! LDCB tells the story of the professional wrestler wannabe and intelligence-challenged Cooter Brown as he finds himself somehow at the center of a twistedly complicated plot to end his life. Targeted by his own best friend, as well as a deadly hitman known as Joe Killa, and the elusive Mr. Mister, Cooter will have to face these obstacles and more if he hopes to get to the bottom of all this. Though the bigger question may be: What does any of this have to do with the Moonshine Massacre and the mysterious deaths of over thirty people?! Or perhaps even the bigger question: Will Cooter even be smart enough to learn the truth before whoever is trying to kill him finally succeeds? To read more about the different characters of LDCB, click here, OR to catch up on all the episodes so far, go to the LDCB archives!

Legends of Az

Legends of Az is YDK's first serial-novel. LoA introduces us to Dock Traz. Gifted with abilities that make him an outcast from the world at large, Dock turns to a life of crime to escape a life he never wanted, only to find himself inexplicably connected to another life all together. As Dock tries to unravel the mystery behind his dreams of an ancient Prodigy and how he is related to him, he finds himself entrenched in a conspiracy between rival societies with unknown objectives, and all eyes seem to be on him! To read more about the characters and world of LoA, click here OR to catch up on the existing chapters, see the Table of Contents!

Mousekitty's Corner

Mousekitty's Corner brings to ydk the unique perspective of Katrina Lynam-Henderson (known around these parts as Mousekitty). Mousekitty provides us with a variety of her own entertainment, most notably her own written series like Struck By You and Alt Ctrl, but also Mousekitty's Music podcast, and whatever else she might come up with to grace ydk.

Coming soon: Fourth Wall Films (a collection of short films from ydk), The Gay Ninja (a new comedy cartoon series), and Cardinal (a new serial novel)!

Also check out the EXTRAS section for new installments of YDK's Sock Puppet Theatre, or to read the predecessor of AoA: Adventures of Josh!